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butt for her 97th birthday.

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One of the ladies we take care of is turning 97 tommorow and she loves the bbq I make. All of her family will be down tommorow for lunch so I decided to make her favorite, boston butt.

I took it tuesday and made an injection of apple juice, worchestershire sauce, chili powder, onion powder, garlic, and just a little cayenne. Put that in it and gave it the mustard and jeffs rub treatment. I got it out this morning at about 5:30, and got it on the smoker.

I will be using cherry, oak, and pecan, and spraying with apple juice.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

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That looks like a great start to a fine meal. Injection sounds great!wink.gif
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Sounds like a lucky lady! :)
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well, I forgot to get a pic. It was 165, I am tryin something different, I was out of foil and went to the store above the house and they were too. So I got one of those oven bags, I hope I get the same result, because it was alot easier than messing with all that foil.
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Congrats on her 97th birthday! So how's it turning out with the oven bag?
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Looks great let us know how the oven bag thing turns out
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the oven bag worked great! there was no tryin to fold the foil just right so I didn't loose any juices , as a matter of fact, when I brought it in to "wrap" it, i always take it out of the smoker and put it on a pan and bring that in and pick it up off the pan and place it on the foil, I just put the pan in the bag to and flipped it over and pulled out the pan. I had over 2 cups of juice. I think I am sold on the oven bag, plus after it rested, I just snipped of a little corner of the bag and poured the juices right out.

Hope everyone has a good weekend

if the third pic looks kinda funny it is because I forgot to get a pic as soon as it came out, I broke it into big chunks and looked over at my wife as she was tryin it and she said usually you are yelling for everyone to stay away until you get a pic. So then I yelled everyone get out of the way until I get a pic.

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Looks awesome PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif and I may have to try one of those bags
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Krusher, first I just want to say I want some butt, perhaps several on my 97th birthday, you rock to accommodate! wink.gif
second....the whole oven bag thing..damn brilliant! you got points for ingenuity!!
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I am gonna definately use them again, it was alot easier all the way around, everybody should try this and see what they think.
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One more thing on list to try
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thanks alot BBQG for the points and kind words, hope you have a good weekend.
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97. Wow. And still diggin' Q! Of course teeth are optional with good Q ;{)
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Krusher, that looks wonderful!! Love the oven bag idea too.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great lookin Q Krusher! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Krusher, that looks great. The oven bag, well it just goes to show how mankind will perservere to get that smokey meal. You got it goin' man! Enjoy that good meal, and wish the lady of the hour a happy B-day from all of us @ SMF.
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here is the birthday girl, she ate a whole plate of BBQ, broccoli casserole, and homade mac-n-cheese.

hope you all have a good week.

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What a beautiful birthday girl Krusher!! cool.gif
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