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Hello Everyone

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I have spent a fair amount of time reading through the forum over the last couple of years, but FINALLY decided to sign up!

I have a Char-Griller which my wife bought me for my birthday about 3 years ago. "Best money she ever spent!" is what she tells everyone. Hardly a week goes by that we aren't puttin' smoke to something.

Thanks guys (and gals) for all that I have already gotten from you. I look forward to learning so much more!

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Greetings sixreagans!
Glad you finally joined up, we are really not all that bad!! LOL!
But seriously! post some q-vue and share some of your recipes, now that you are home!!
Happy Smokes!
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Welcome to SMF. If you've been reading here for awhile, I guess you already know that Qview is mandatory?!biggrin.gif
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Welcome to the family of pics..didn't happen!!!..glad to have ya!
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Welcome to the smf.............Glad to have you here.................
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Well, as for the Q-View, I am going to be building a fire in the morning with the anticipation of spareribs and a couple of chickens. I'm sure I can get a camera around them tomorrow!
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Welcome to the SMF.
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Welcome to SMF.
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Welcome aboard!
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Well, I'm so glad you finally came out of the closet, and into the best smokin' site on the net, SMF that is.
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Because you guys were bustin' my chops for some Q-View, here's what was for supper tonight: A couple of whole chickens done "beer can style", but since I can't/won't buy beer, I used a couple of sodas.

Also did some ribs. Got thumbs up from the whole family.

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welcome aboard, great qview!
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