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BSNP Mod phase 2

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Tonight I decided to seal her up. Went to the fireplace store, got some rope and 500" silly cone. Wire brush for the clean up, here's some pics.

Also took out the BFH and flattened out the baffle plate some more.

Always open to hints, tips, criticism.

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lookin good PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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What is the rope made of?confused.gif
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Don't know, but it don't burn. It's used to seal doors on wood burning stoves. Buck a foot. Took about 14 feet, but I gotta get another 8 feet. Gonna double seal a couple more spots to seal a few small leaks left. The silicone needs to cure for 24 hours, so I just burned a lil newspaper to check it out. 90% better than previous, but still a couple small leaks.

edited for fire update
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Gotta love that BFH! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif It is a handy tool that I use every once in awhile myself.

Looks good! Let us know how it holds up after a couple of smokes.

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The rope's made of fiberglass. Good advice is to use gloves while handling, just like the insulation. The crap will make ya itch. Also, if you use the correct cement for this stove door gasket rope, well, it sets and cures like concrete. Use it sparingly, no more than you think it will take to keep it in place. If you get way too much on and it oozes out it can glue your two contact surfaces together. I almost did that when I re-gasketed my wood stove door 3 years ago. Be sure to heat cure the door rope cement prior to cooking, as it may be toxic (I can't remember what's in in the stuff, but probably is a nasty collection). I'd do a slow re-season of the smoker again after initial room temp cure of the cement, should be fine.

Looks like your onto makin' the good low/slow smokes there. Enjoy it.
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I was lookin for some potent glue for it, but the fireplace guy said "we just use this silicone." Rated to 500, so its fine on the smoking chamber, but can't bring it near the fire box.
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Doing a test run after sealing her up, and getting the charcoal basket set up. The temps are rising within 10" on each side, little to no smoke escaping. I'm giggling.biggrin.gif

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Some new updates.

I've been away for a bit, but I return. Seasoning some new grates (thanks for taking my old ones neighbor hood thief!)

and built a new charcoal basket::

and added a couple of new members to the family:

Putting a good season on her tonight, and she'll be ready to go again.
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