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Back online again

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Well folks, I was having connection problems for quite a few days, but I got it cleared up. After explaining my problem with the guy next door, I borrowed his gateway (router/modom combo) and plugged it in. Worked fine, he's going on vacation and said keep it till I return.
Now if you'll excuse me, I have to welcome some newbies and checkout what you guys and gals smoked over the weekend. I'm lookin' forward to all the great Q!
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Excused Sir...and WELCOME back... how's the foot doing?
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The foot is doing well, I just have to elevate it several times a day for a couple of weeks, and the skin is pink like a babies... well you know. Thanks for asking Rich.
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Glad ta hear that your back on both feet!!
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Glad you weathered that storm man.
Nice to have you back.
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You were missed dude!The place is a lil briter again!
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glad your back online rich!!!! and also glad your feeling better now. even if i really dont know you personally i felt someone in my group of friends was not doing well. glad to hear things looking good!!!!!
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I was wondering where you been hiding. confused.gif
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Welcome back and on the road to recovery.
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Same here rich......glad to see you back and doing better, we missed ya!
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you been GONE for a while? Never noticed............BWAHAHAHAHAHA
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You're too kind...
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Ahh go ahead and say it Rich, ya know ya want to-we use the term here all the time. . .


Glad to hear that you're on the mend!!
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