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bigger not always better

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My favorite meat store had briskets on sale last week (1.99lb.). I've gotten other briskets(10 to 12 lb range) here before and have had good results. I asked for a big one and she brought out a 16.7 lber. well, I had to buy it.
When I separated the flat and point I noticed that the fat line where you normally trim along was messed up,you could'nt really get a good cut going. I hit the smoker the next morning and was hoping for a 12 to 14 hour cook.
It hit 140 and stayed there for 7 hours. after a 17 hour cook it finally hit 200. let rest and sliced, still tough and dry. had to whip up sauce just to serve. everyone said it was good but my friends are all good liars. I'll stick to the 10 to 12s from now on.
sorry, had to vent.
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Sorry about the inferior meat. Sometimes it just happens.
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Probably just a bad piece of meat.....Keep your head up & do anotherbiggrin.gif
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I know this isn't exactly a fool proof theory, but the times I am tempted to buy that huge brisket out there I keep this in mind.

Bigger brisket comes from bigger cows..........bigger cows are older cows...........older cows are tougher cows.

I try to stick in the 10 to 12 lb. range
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Once in a while you'll get a not so good cut, but then there is that one that's just perfect! Keep trying my friend, it's all good.
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I'll take a 10-12 lber anyday.wink.gif
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well, keep the big one for chili and go get a 10 lber!
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