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I'm a Sams Club 40" SS MES owner, have not used the Bradley. So I honestly can not compare them. But if price performance was the main issue, and lots of great customer feed back, you have to go with the MES, it has better price, comes with better controls, the 40" has more than enough capacity. Based on so many positive comments on this forum and many others there are a lot of very happy MES owners.

If you want a true set n forget smoker, the MES still requires you to keep adding wood every hour or 1.5 hours.
However you can easily modify the MES to achieve a wood/smoke feeder that would make the MES a true set n forget smoker:

purchase here..

or try Illini's contraption
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Thanks, Ron

Thanks for the tip on the sam's club auction. My 40" MES arrived yesterday. Trying my first batch of country style ribs tomorrow. Any tips?
Ps. I don't understand why thin blue smoke is better than mucho white smoke.
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Congrats you will love it. I have done country ribs several times with great sucsess.


You can just skip the dry cure and rub with your favorite.

Much white smoke creates creasote, nasty.

Hope this helps.

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Congrats on your new MES, and welcome to the MES owners club here at SMF.

Personally I haven't done country ribs in the MES yet, so have no pointers there.

Thin blue smoke, vs mucho white smoke? If you are getting heavy white smoke you risk creosote and it's distinctive bitter burned taste being added to your food. A thin smoke stream is best, smoke is a flavor seasoning, too much and you over season your food. After you get your smoker going and achieve the desired exhaust of thin blue/white smoke, open the hatch, you will see the chamber is full of smoke.

Again enjoy your new MES!
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1st results

The country style were good but a little dry. I think I will try the water pan tomorrow and try it again. Did 2 lbs of sausage today. The 10 kielbasa came out wonderfully. The summersausage will be a little longer to get to temp.

I like the smoker but wish the temp control ran a little closer to set point. It is about +- 10 deg. Not a big deal for ribs, etc. but I don't want my sausage to get too hot.

I had a great time with it today though.

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That's because you didn't use the water pan. Also with the ribs take out at 155' and rest in foil a bit.

Hopes this helps.
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