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Does anyone have a pic of a baffle and what exactly does it do, i also have the same hot spot on my smoker
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Wu- I use the one from Lowe's as well. Works great! Thanks for posting this as I got some good tips for keeping my fire at const. temps! Good luck to you!

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The only problem I might have with the baffle is still being able to hang the charcoal rack in the main chamber. I still want to be able to grill in the main chamber at times. I don't know if I could find a way to mount the baffle that it could be easily removed/reinstalled. Maybe if it just hung on the existing bolts instead of being mounted with them. Welding probably isn't an option.
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That's basically what I did, I also used cheap cookie sheet pans from the discount store and cut them to make a baffle.

I have the same set up as Capt Dan, with a angled baffle and "tuning" plates. I used a charcoal basket for the first time last week, ( a shaker basket from Lowe's) and I couldn't get my temps up passed 200° or so. I dumped the basket out and got my temps up to 250° plus. My SnP seems to use a lot of fuel compared to the rest of you guys, I wonder what I might be doing wrong?
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There is a pic of capt dan's baffle at the top of page 2 of this thread. It deflects heat down so the whole chamber is heated more evenly instead of it being much hotter near the firebox.
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Thanks for the info. I like that the basket could ride on the rods, supported by the existing edge for the other grates.
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Wutang I did the rod thing turne the basket longwise and even temps!!!!!YAY
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I just hang my charcoal rack upside down and place several layers of aluminum foil between the upside down rack and the sfb it works pretty well.
Bishop. the railcar/trolly museum on 12 in Rio Vista.

charcoal basket in smoker box turned over (new smoker)

foil next to sfb (new foil) lasts me 3 to 4 12 hour sessions
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That would work. The only thing I would lose is right now I place a few disposable tin foil pans on the charcoal rack to catch drippings and I poor water in the pan closest to the firebox.
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Motorhedd had a nice setup using the sfb grates to hold up the flipped charcoal tray, and a couple bricks thrown in for thermal stability. Works good!
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Dave -

some of the fellas go fishing out that way. just a hop skip and jump from here really.
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