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Hello From KC!

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Hi Guys and Galz, I'm Sam from KC. I'm new here but have been smokin' for a while.

I am currently the Bakery/Deli Director for a group of Grocery Stores in the KC area, so my 1st venture was to get Southern Pride Smokers installed into my Deli's. To be able to put our Restaurant Quality products in a Grocery environment is way cool.

The year we picked up a Horizon trailer competition smoker for outside events. Previously we had been using 2 of the Southern Pride units mounted on trailers, but they just looked like a couple of Stainless Steel T*rds rolling around! So...we sold them and got this, my new toy. When not in use at the stores it's found a new home in my driveway. Man, I have more friends than I ever knew!


Here are a few of the items we will sell outside under the tent...Ribs, Pulled Pork, Chichens, etc. Even though we sell slab ribs inside at the Deli every day, when we get out front and do a special for $9.99 a slab, we will go thru as many as 400 on a good Saturday!

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Wecome aboard - really nice rig u got there!!!
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Welcome to the smf family Sam. That's a pretty nice smoker you got there! You know, if you ever need the room back on your driveway, you can keep it at my place. I'll take care of it for ya.
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hello and welcome,oh and WOW I want one.
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I could see how that would make you popular in the neighborhood. Welcome to SMF
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Welcome to SMF Sam. That is a mighty fine rig you have there.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif I think it shows true character to volunteer to keep it at your place instead of it taking up room at the store. If it becomes at all burdonsom, please bring it down to Clinton and I'll store it for youbiggrin.gif
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OK Guys, a little help here. I know this is probably in the FAQ's but on any other forum, my post shows up first, then all replys show as I scroll down. I think that it is currently in "Linear Mode". What do ya do to make the threads show up the other way? There is a "Swithch to Hybrid" option, and that aligns it like I was looking for, except it has a threaded list above the original post. HALP!

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I just checked 2 other forums that I am on, and they are both in Linear Mode display, but they are as I said, the original post, then all other follow. What gives?
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goto user CP at top
Edit options at left
scroll down to Thread Display Mode
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PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif YOWSA! Nothat's what I'm talkin' about....ask and ye shall receive. Now I can quit looking cross eyed....DOH!
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Alright Sam, I see you found my old rig. I lost it up in KC when I moved away, you can deliver it up here to McLouth and I'll cook you up a great old meal with it. A little brisket, some pulled butt, a few chickens and smoked corn. All kidding aside, that is one nice smokehouse. Welcome to SMF, visit us often and give us your 2 cents worth. Always room for more advice and problem solving here.
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Sam welcome to SMF as the others said thats a fine looking rig. Have fun and happy smoking
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Howdy and welcome aboard bud
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Welcome Sam from KC. Thats one kickin smoker ya got there. I'm only two hours away if you need someone to baby sit her.
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