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Brine time?

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What is the recommended brine time for a whole chicken? And should the brine be rinsed completely and dried before applying the rub.
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I brine mine overnight I guess it kinda depends on how much salt is in the brine. I then rinse the brine off, pat dry, apply rub
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i would brine a turkey overnight but not a chicken but thats just with my brine i only do chicken for 3-4 hours if the salt content is not that high i can see where overnight would be a big plus .
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I brine my chicken for 4 hrs.
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Usin the Slaughterhouse brine, I brine over night, rinse off the bird, put on a beer butt chicken rack an let em drip dry a bit. The give a nice shake with rub.
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hmm Tip thats the same brine I use biggrin.gif
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