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Tenderizing a Brisket?

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I have heard ppl say they tenderize their brisket before they smoke. They tenderize with a meat tenderizer and then soak it in coke/juice (or whatever) over night. Does this help keep the brisket moist?

Is it better to cook the brisket in a pan or let it sit on the grate with the pan underneath to catch the fat and misc. fluid?
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Properly cooked brisket will come out tender and moist all it's own!
Smoke at 250 until 160 internal, wrap in foil (or pan) and finish to 195 or when a probe slides in like butter.
Perfect brisket, don't need no holes or Coke! PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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Just remember, leave raw meat in coke for a few days, the coke will disolve the meat. I personally dont want to marinate meat in anything that would do that.

Just follow bbq bubba's tips and your brisket will turn out just fine.
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If you will cook it at 225* for about 15 hours, it will be tender as a mothers touch.
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I am a BIG believer in foiling also.
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I'll second that one,,, well, to a degree...My mother was a stern one..biggrin.gif

I had a couple stubborn briskets over the weekend that took 17 hours to get to 200 internal. Gotta say though, after another 4 hours wrapped in a cooler when it came out to slice, it was just as tender and juicy as could be. No need for tenderizing..
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After you wrap the briscut in foil  do you return it back on the smoker

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