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WOW!!!! That is AWSOME!!!!!
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That is a truly awesome rig you have there!
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Dude.....that thing is RIDICULOUS!!!!! (In a good way!)

You have some skills my friend! Want to build me one? Since it is a "hobby" you'll do it for free, right?

Again, congrats on such a nice rig.
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good show uncle got her done on xmas thanks for taking us thru the buildPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Whoa!!! Now I wish hubby was a welder....nah, I love that he's a jeweler! Great job on the build. Any comps in your future? Kudos to you!
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thanks to all for the compliments.ill post some better updated pics in the next couple days. right now im gearing up for my first whole pig smoke.ill take plenty of pics and post um as i go!!
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Shellbellc, as for comps, awwyeahh. ive been thinking for a while about a really neat warming/holding oven that will meet all the rules for KCBS,more build left to do on that!!
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This sure was a great build and some fine work by Uncle Beef the man has skills for sure
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OK, I have to ask...

How even were the temperatures from side to side? How was it on wood consumption?

I want to copy most of your smoker (it's awesome) and trying to pick up info.

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Seek and Search!

Hey everyone I’m sending an “all-points bulletin (APB)” for UncleBeef. He was here last on 05-28-2009 11:51 PM. Since finding this excellent thread and the great job he did at building such a great Barbecue Smoker, I suspect that he is cooking up a storm of Ribs, Butts and Chicken. If seen tell him to take a break and make a reply back here so we can get the latest news on that Smoker!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gificon_mrgreen.gif
Thomas icon_smile.gif
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im back!!! just got back from a well deserved vacation. thomas, no need to get crazy, ask away. ill do my best to help you along with your build.
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Uncle found!

Thanks UncleBeef. Not crazy just a comic at times!icon_mrgreen.gif
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Heat Clearance

Hello UncleBeef,
I have a question for you. I know that you used a 250 gallon propane tank for your build. I'm making my build using a 500 gallon propane tank. Now here is my question please. How far out are your tires from the tank? My wheels/tires are only 3 inches from the frame. They look close to me and I'm wondering if this is going to present itself as a problem further down the road. Next question is the top photo of your trailer, it shows that you placed a flat piece of sheet metal over the two side support bars and that it is absent in future images. You didn't need it? I don't suppose that the images that were on Photobucket that aren't showing on the website are still available. Like I told you before your work has really inspired me.

Thank You,
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thomas, my tire's are approx. 8'' away from the fire box.ive noticed on long smokes say 13 hours or so they do get warm,but i've had no problems yet and really don't expect for the sheet metal you seen in the pics that is how the trailer was purchased and i had to remove it. how about an update on your build??!!!
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Well then I should be ok then from any damage due to heat. I will bring an update on my build very shortly.
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Are those arms on the side of the smoker some sort of assist arms for the door?


If so, any info on them would be appreciated.

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Uncle beef are you still around, I have been toying with the idea of building a rev. smoker. I have looked at alot of designs and really love yours, My question is how you are getting the draft and smoke out from the baffle looks to be air tight. thanks any info will be appriceated

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Hi all, just purchased a 500 gal. reverse flow smoker, but don't think the reverse flow is done right.  Would like to know if anyone knows the proper way to make it a reverse flow with a smoker box.  Would also like to know if there is a standard length, width and thickness of the plate that should be used.  The plate that is in there is 1/8" and angled down from the firebox opening, but is only about 4 foot in length, not even half the length of the tank. Any help would be greatly appreciated as well as any pics!  Thanks, T-Bone

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Great craftsmenship.............

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Uncle beef I'm not able to see any of the pictures of your smoker was wondering if there was something wrong with them or if there's something I have to do to be able to view them
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