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Quick Salmon Quesion

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I just picked up some wild caught Coho Salmon filets and planned on cooking them in the BBQ/Smoker. I was going to build a charcoal bed and add some wood for a smokey flavor.

So what wood?

I have Cherry & Hickory.

Thanks in advance!

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Cherry... Hmm I give advice to an Avs fan? OMG!
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cherry! Hickory might overpower the Salmon
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Thanks! And it's OK that you have misguided alliances!
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See you in a couple weeks. Pencil in the Wings AGAIN BTW ;{) Enjoy!
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My Favorite wood for Salmon is Alder. I did a combo of Alder and Hickory and it came out good this weekend...
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Alder is the most popular wood for salmon, but I did mine with hickory and they came out great.
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For fish, I'd go with Alder first however I do mix Alder & Apple with excellent results.
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i've used alder, cherry, apple and maple for trout. all came out great.

a blend of the four (if available) might be the way to go. i tried this with trout last time and it seemed to be the best yet - strong where it should be and subtle where it needs to be.
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Are you going to brine them?
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Always Alder........If No Alder is available, use Alder.
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while alder seems to be the most popular, I've had good luck with hickory when it was all I've had on hand. Never used cherry for salmon, but give 'er a shot.
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Not to rough up feathers...but the man had hickory and cherry. End of story eh?
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