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Anybody but a Busch boy....

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The Turn 4 tailgate was a compete success!
Congrats to local boy Jimmie Johnson on the bad Kahne did not end up with the 7 th spot, I sure thought that Busch boy was gonna loose it, gotta say nice save, whiner! PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif

The ecb did wonderful for reheating everything, chicken and the butts..

cherry butt...

for Laurel ...

turn four at dusk...

here is the link to the album if your interested in more California speedway shots...
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Looks like a great day and nice tailgate party. Bet the Q was a hit. Very nice pics too
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I like the Sandra Lee black and white checkered flag tablescape!
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Some goodlookin q BBQG
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Jeeeeez...Nastycar? Ah exhibit good taste in SOO many other areas I'm lettin' this slide ;{)
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it doesn't collide much with my hockey season...and did ya see the sunset?
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I kept looking for you in the crowd but couldn't pick u out at speed. lol Glad your smoke turned out well, Looks yummy as always. Smoke had a rough night but thats the way my day went yesterday. No luck for my team or my driver. At least my tip roast was a big hit at the party. Jr had a decent finish but Jimmy was just way better than anyone else. Dega will be a different story. :)
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Check my link Smoke was in the truck with Jared the subway dude! Cali is always like that, one guy is strong and takes off, it usually is jimmie or harvick, i was surprised that the 24 did so bad...that subway car was bright!! I really wanted the 9 to wreak the 18 there at the end!! lol!
smoke is having a crap year, bummer too, that is cabana boy's driver!
Dega is going to be AWESOME!
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OK..the sunset WAS cool. Sigh... you can make anything seem OK can't ya? ;{)
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Nice pics Kel. Smoke just doesn't look right in yellow n green. lol That sunset was beautiful but your pics done made me hungry. I'm gonna go heat up some leftover beef and au jus and have me a french dip sammy. Oh there a recipe for some "rub putty" I made for this smoke. Turned out nicely. Thanks for the inspiration. PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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I searched but couldn't find rub putty. Mind posting?
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Thanks Bro
During the search I did see where a member got some cast iron from his great grandma and cleaned it up nicely. Missed this one though.
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