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Hi all,
Been lurking for a few months and finally decided to join. I have been a little hesitant to join because I have a pellet smoker. I have a cousin who had one and his ribs are wonderful which sold me right away. I have been chasing 3 sons to sports activities for years and drag racing and car showing in between. One son gets married in 2 weeks, one started his sophmore year at KU last week and the baby started High School. Suffice to say that I have found some extra time for a new hobby that requires less travel. Smoking meat is perfect. Deck to kitchen is just the right amount of travel for me, with the occaisional road trip to the basement since thats where the beer fridge is :) Hope to learn many new thing here in the future.
Thanx for letting me play!
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Curt welcome to SMF as you have seen there is lots of info here and now you can see all the great Qview too. Have fun and happy smoking
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welcome, lots of helpful folks here... have fun and good luck!
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Welcome aboard. Sounds like you got a bit of a busy lifestyle.
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Welcome aboard! There are a few of us pellet poopers here hiding in the shadows wink.gif. Tell us about your setup or better yet post a few pics.
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Beginning Smoker...kind of

I just purchased [and assembled] my Smokey Mountain gas smoker. I used to have the local butcher's block smoke all my meats, but they sold to a new owner and they aren't very cooperative. I am an excellent all-around home cook, but new to smoking and have heard some very good comments about your forum. I decided to give it a try myself and my first projects are: Smoking a pork butt, making English Bacon, and smoking my own bacon. I'm raring to go, but figure I need more than just Hickory chips to get started.
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Welcome 427 to the world of smoke..As always another lurker bites the dust...glad to have you..

BTW..I take it by your handle that your a chevy man ..what year ..I used to restore 50's and 60's
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Dennis, the handle refers to my 56 2dr HT but I have 5 right now in various stages. 3 Chevelles, 68 vert, 69 300D and a 72 SS 454 along with a 68 Chevy II. I told my wife prior to marriage that we both knew I would have a vice and I would let her choose it, wine, women or cars. I think after all the cars over the years, she might wish for another shot but from a different listbiggrin.gif.
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Welcome to the forum Curt! Nice list of cars you've
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Howdy and welcome
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Welcome Curt.
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LOL Curt one question...where are the mopars?Englishtown is my home track! welcome aboard.eek.gif
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