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Ahhh nice... but I notice they refer to pepperoncini peppers and being also called bananas... NOT the "Hungarian Wax", which I thought was the "banana". And what no Scoville rating on the Hunkies? I'd estimate anywhere from 100 for the sweet to 7500 for the hot... some are easily as hot as the average Jap.
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PS..I HAD to add ABT to the Wiki section on jalapenos LOL! SMF STRIKES AGAIN!
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BTW all you Wiki people...maybe write up a def for the Turd and link it? I dunno how to do that YET...heh.
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we are growing both the hot wax, and the sweet nanners........and yes, QUITE the diff. in heat values by far..............i just wish my kung pao's would hurry up and turn Let alone my tobascos........
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missed this thread-great work guys-as a pepperhead myself,tween Ken & richoso-Great Job-and Rich Great request-it does confuse northerners as all the diff names from fresh to roasted-and the diff dishes they go best with.
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Ancho Chiles

All this chile talk, I had to add my 2 pennies.

I like the heat, but what I really like is flavor. Now all your chile-heads can Pick or Pan me here, but the humble Ancho is going to be hard to beat.

Available at any Mexican grocery or even WalMart, buy a big bag and put them in everything.

You want to make Texas Chili? OMG - add three anchos (seeded, stemmed and membraned of course) and you got you some of the best Chili you ever ate - I guarantee you'll take a right-handed swing at your Grandma.

I do my Rabos (you'll have to search for that one) and that is ALWAYS a show stopper and the Texas Chili.

I've made some Kansas City Kryptonite and added the anchos (after a short trip through the Vita Mix) and wow - flavor that is all its own.

No heat, just pure Mexican chile goodness. For heat, leave in a few seeds.

again, feel free to add or blast me.

Brad "Ancho Man" Simmons
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A little off topic, but anybody got a good recipe for Chile Colorado. The best I ever had would make your ears sweat, but it wasn't Just love it as a base for everything. Thanks in advance for any help there...
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I do - I will post it manana. It is great.
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Since we are dealing with peppers here, I made Texas-Hunter's "The Pepper Family" thread in the Peppers forum a sticky. I copied a couple of links found in this thread to the Pepper Family sticky.
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Why thank you, Kind Sir! Right on the ball, our Dutch! Bravo!
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I aim to please!! Hey. . hold still. . . I told ya I was aiming. . . icon_razz.gifbiggrin.gif
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ahhhhh.......Mr. Bill..........think you meant to put this link in the pepper thread???
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I think he put it JUST where I would like it ;{)
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OH Noooooooo :D:D:D

Sorry ... we be new here I havent read down to the pepper thread yet
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