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Yes yet another Iowan

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Well here I go words form another iowa guy. Wife bought me my ecb about 6 years ago sitting collecting dust for 4-5 years then a guy at my work bring in pork loin for a potluck. So I dug mine out and here I am. Am a real noob when it comes to this smoking stuff.
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All right. Another Iowan! Welcome to smf fordman, and a Dodger to boot! Everyone here will get you squared away on your smokin.
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Welcome from Northern Indiana. Spend some time on the SMF and you will be turning out some great Q in no time. Remember the pics .............
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Welcome to the forum. Won't be long, there won't be a safe ear of corn in the statePDT_Armataz_01_28.gif .
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Welcome aboard, glad ta have yall! Mason City here, so we ain't to far away. Just look around, do some readin, ifin yall don't see what ya need, just ask, somebody round here will get ya the answers yall need.

Were plannin on 1 er 2 gatherins next year, hope yall can attend!
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That's if we can get Tip out the ice this winter!!
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It ain't happenin Mark! I'll sits on the shore an cook thank yall very much!
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You know Ken, they say Iowa is becomming the new south. And I know they weren't talking about the winters!
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