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Need a new smoker

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Well I am trying to do my first butt but not going so well. I have had it with my ecb. Got the wifes ok to buy a new one I don't do a lot of smokin but would kind of like to do more than I have been. Maybe with a different smoker I might get more enjoyment out of it. So in your opion is propane or elec. better. Model name would help as well.
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I'm partial to pellet smokers/grills myself. Traeger makes a wide price range of machines but the Danson group is coming on. Don't worry someone will be along shortly to tell you that if you don't do it with wood or lump then you ain't smokin wink.gif
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WSM, great,resonable price,easy to run and clean up
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Ok what is WSM?
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before next year im probably going to pick up one of these

Char Griller Duo best of both worlds.
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GOSM big block gas ifin ya can find one yall buy it! Great unit an easy ta use, turns out some mighty fine vittles!
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Is there anywhere here that tells what all the initials stand for ? Like ecb means el chepo brinkman and so on.
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Put the mouse over the intials, leave it a bit and it will cause a pop up that will show you what they mean.

So what is wrong with the ol ECB....just don't like foolin with charcoal?
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