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finaly joined

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Have been watching this fourm for about a year. Most any quiston I have have been asked by others. Thought I would finnaly join. I just have a charcol grill and a big plywood box I use for cold smoking.
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Glad ya make the "Big Step" PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Aloha, Howdy, Welcome, etc, etc, etc! Hope you enjoy the place as much as we do. And, we like pics!
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Welcome to the forum! I'd like to see pix of your setup. Pix of your smokes too!!
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Welcome to the forum Street!! Glad you quit lurking. Stick around a while.
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welcome aboard-enjoy your stay
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Welcome to SMF. Lots to learn here. Don't forget, we like pics!
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Welcome aboard, glad ta have ya!
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Welcome to the forum.
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With a year's worth of knowledge under your belt, there's bound to be some great results to come! Welcome!
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welcome from Northern Indiana
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Welcome ,,,, Lurking a year? i wished i would have found this sight a year ago lol come on in its cold out there....LOL
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Welcome to SMF. Looking fwd to some great Q-view
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Welcome to the forum. Glad you made the jump to join. Great place, Great food and the best people.

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Welcome to Smf. Glad you joined us . You already know what kind of folks and info that is available here. What part od Ohio you hail from Southwest Ohio here #5 miles east of cincy.
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Welcome aboard this fine forum, enjoy your stay!
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It nice to be greated so well. I live in North ceantral Oh. I like pictures to thats why I finaly joined. To get to see more . Unforntly I don't have a didgital cammera. sorry.
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Howdy and welcome aboard
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Welcome Street Guy.
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well its about time!Welcome!
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