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Reheating pulled pork

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yeah, yeah, i know there are 1000 posts on this issue but I didn't find the answer i was looking for in any of them. Im smoking/pulling the butts next Thursday in preparation for a tailgate on Saturday monring. After pulling im planning to put the meat (with some finishing sauce) in a large, disposable aluminum baking pan. I then plan on adding some apple juice and finishing sauce while reheating the pan on the grill at the tailgate. My question is..........................will using the disposible aluminum pan give the meat a weird taste or it is ok to reheat in it? Ive reheated other things without issue but I figured it was quite a bit of meat and I would hate to ruin it.
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If your talking about the disposable roaster pans I do it all the time and haven't had any complaints
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that is indeed what im talking about. Thanks!
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IF your finishing sauce has vinegar in it, i would hold off till JUST before reheating the pork, maybe even reheating the finishing sauce to add to the pork.......vinegar setting TOO long on pork, will turn it least in MY experience...........
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Dude said exactly what I was thinking. The vinegar breaks down the pork and will make it mushy = mushy pork sandwiches PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif.

Good luck! Hope the crew enjoys the meal!
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That's what I was thinking when I saw the subject line but I clicked on it anyway because I always pick up some good info that either hasnt been covered or that I have forgotten.. wink.gif

Thanks for asking it again. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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Thanks Dude. In the 1000 or so posts on reheating pulled pork some indicate that they do use the finishing sauce prior to refrigerating and others wait till reheating. I think i agree with those that say the vinegar based sauce would make the meat mushy and will hold off until reheating. Now another question...........................

How long do you think it will take to reheat on a grill running around 450? I usually would reheat in the over prior to going to the tailgate but this year i have committments in the morning and will coming directly to the game from work and will only have about 1.5 hours to heat it on the grill.
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I store many of my smokes in the pan no problem.

Does the grill have to be at 450'? That's too hot in MYO. 225 would much better.
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