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Pork Bones

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Ribs cooked 3-1.5-.75. Fell off the bone. Couldn't even get'm out of the rib rack without falling apart. I like'm this way but most often i like'm to stick to the bone a little. No real complaints. Temps. creep up from 225 to 250 at some point.

Thanks for looking.
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Mmmm Scott, they look excellent!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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They look good. Wish mine were done now.
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Wis i had and Iron City in my hand.
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Looks good!
Try 2-1-1 next time.
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True dat. But did you even foil?
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Yes for 1 1/2 hrs. Maybe a little long to keep meat on bone.
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I was going for the 2-2-1 but couldn't get home in time so they were 3-1.5- .75. You know out here in Kansas there is alot of traffic. Thank Bubba.
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I don't do BB's as much as I do spares, but found that 4 to 4 1/2 hours is really all they need, so the 2-1.5-.5 should work. If you are still getting them falling off the bone, then back off more on the second stage.
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Nice Q my friend. Did you smoke wood while they were wrapped? What kind of wood do you prefer for BB's.
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I always use hickory. i like to taste the smoke a little. Apple and others are to light for me. I haven't tried oak yet. It grows all around so it doesn't seem as exotic as hickory. My hick. comes from 120 miles away. Just seems like better smoke because of the horse trading i do for the hickory. Buddy who supplies the hick. gets to go pheasant hunting in western Kansas Opening morning. This guys is winning hands down but i like the hick. for free.
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Hope you are feeling better these days.
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those look great no matter how long they were on. these times or getting a little cornfusing. I thought a rib was done when the pull method was done on them? one master of the pit say's 2-1-1 , another say's 2-2-1 and then yet another say's do not foil at all and leave on 5 hours.and this is for baby backs. lol. I have a bunch of rib smoke under my belt now. and each one seems a little differnt. guess that means I still do not really have the hang of it.. but there are no complaints from the folks wolfing them down.
bubba do ya really need to foil em?? or can they go unfoiled for the smoke if ya want?
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I've done tons of ribs and they all turn out different.
Depends on the ribs themselves, fat content, how meaty they are, etc.
These times are just starting guidelines, adjust to your own liking.
I've done ribs on the drum in 4 hrs flat with no foil but thought they were a lil dry. Foiling definetly keeps em juicier but if you spritz enough, that will take care of that problem.
I like the bark it creates from not foiling most of the time. biggrin.gif
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What would be the point of that? I wouldn't think any more smoker flavor could penetrate the foil...
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yea i know about the traffic sometimes it just takes time.
( to find it )
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Thanks much Bubba..that makes more sence now..I almost scratched thru the top of my head on that
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