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What is the best way on a UDS??

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what is the best way to do baby backs on the UDS. I have to cook about 20 racks this weekend and I have heard that the UDS's cook faster does anyone have a revised time or should I just stay with the 2-2-1 method for BB.
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bbq bubba is the person to ask really on that, unless someone else comes along here.............maybe pigs mite chime in.........
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From my short experiences with my u.d.s.'s , you can cook as fast or as slow as you want on da drums.Ya kinda have full control of it. The ribs are sitting over the heat soarce so a flip ( flat or in dem racks )in the middle of stage 1 dont hurt.Monitor stage one closely and that should give you an indication of times for the rest of the smoke. When that meat starts pullin back on da bone stage one be done !!
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Wow! 20 racks. I'd say get started tonight. Seriously, I can do about 6 racks of spares in my Drum with a rib rack (I don't do BBs), so I'm guessing thats 8 racks (at best) of BB's. I'd cook them before hand and reheat them before you need them.
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The drum cooks a lil faster than a regular pit, try 2-1-.5 max....
I can do spares without foiling in 3 1/2 hrs but a little on the dry side so definetly do the 1 hr in foil.
I hope you got about 4 drums.......thats a lot of ribs to cook! cool.gif
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I am using 2 drums with 4 rib racks that hold 5 racks a piece. Thanks for the advice I will have q view when we return from camping

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I went 2-2-0 with 3 racks and they turned out great a couple of weeks ago. (we were too hungry for the extra '1' -- they passed the 90 bend test and were very nice.
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