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Where can I buy the GOSM Big Block?

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Does anyone know where I can buy the GOSM Big Block? I found it at Bass Pro Shops for $199 + shipping. Anywhere else???
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you might want to read this link about the new company and trying to improve the big block..I think on the link it will direct you to a purchase site.
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I got mine at wal-mart got the big block for 130.00.the little one is 99.00. they still have them here.they were in stock last night.
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only certain wal-marts carry the big block I found. The one I got was from Bass Pro shop.
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Great little deals - the GOSM. Try eBay - sometimes they are great deals, sometimes not - watch shipping prices.

I have the regular bodies - then I called the company and got extra set of racks - that works great - you can fit a ton in then.

Not saying not to get the wide, but if you can't find one at the right price.....

Happy, Happy widebody Smoking - and I don't mean Oprah.

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$179. At Bass Pro

Bass Pro has them on sale For $179. I got my GOSM, The Deluxe Gas Smoker model 3605BGD yesterday at the Spanish Fort Store here in Alabama, and it's everything I hoped it would be. And I'm just seasoning it now.
Thanks for all the info I have got from this fourm.

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ALL Wal-Marts carry them.....ON-LINE.

Order it online, they ship it too the store for FREE, then email you when there. Go pick it up. Real simple. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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it says scratch and dent - they are so thin, they can easily be bent back and scratch - heck, mine look like they been in a coal mine for forty years - in about three weeks.
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