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Anyone know of good way to modify my BDS so I can fit a weber grill top on it and make for some more room.

I took a quick measurement its arourn 71 1/2 on the outside of the lip. I will ck tomorrow and mark it to get a more difinitive measurement but any ideas on how to mod it or where I can get just the top from would be great.
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HUH? eek.gif Is that measurement accurate?

As far as finding a cheap kettle lid......maybe hit a few garage sales and pick one up that someone is trying to peddle.

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Gotta be circumference-not diameter
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a weber grill top will fit........22.5.......good luck finding one tho.....
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Ya sure this will fit on top of the drum ?
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You may want to check with bbq bubba

Last I knew he mad BDS smokers

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Rocky's barrels are not standard size of a conventional barrel, you'll need to get a measurement across the top to make sure.
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I had a smaller weber in the scrap pile. I then took a piece of 3/16 flat sheet and cut a circle larger than the barrel and cut a hole it smaller than the weber lid, to form a ring (or Donut, if you will). The ring sets on top of the barrel and the small lid covers the whole thing. Kinda rinky dink, but it's what I had and I use it quite a bit when cooking Beer Can Chicken. Otherwise, the birds get too close to the lid. I'll weld the 2 together when I get around to it, but until then, this works fine.

So if you have the means to make a ring, any sized lid with work; bigger or smaller.
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