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What do I do?

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I have thawed out 2 Whole chickens that I was going to smoke Labor Day Sunday and now I can't, Mother-in-Law according to a Hospice nurse she has 2-3 days left, I was thinking Oven but at what temp and how long? Mother-in-Law was a Grand of a Gal, I just didn't know how to write this so I just wrote,
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Throw them in the garbage and take care of things that are more important. You can always buy more chickens.
Get some fast food and go see her.
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Ditto..then they'll keep in the fridge.
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Sorry to hear about your Mother in Law.

I agree with putting them in the oven.
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I didn't know wife had a roaster, put the 4lb chickens in roaster at 250 for 7hrs or am I wrong, wife says no on throwin chickens away, say's she could use them at a later date, will 250 for 7 hrs be alot right
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Roasters are for roasting.....cook at 350 like Tex said.
Otherwise your looking at chicken mush....PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif
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Sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. You can do beer can chickens in the oven at 350 and they'll be good too.
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