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Gone Again

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Well today it is back across the big pond. Should be back on-line Friday. You guys and gals keep the tbs flowing.
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Hope you have a safe trip!! We will miss ya!
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Where aboutsin africa do you go and have a safe trip
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Bring back some wild meat to Q-view for us! Be safe and see ya soon!
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What Rich said!!!!!!!
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Arrived safe and sound, but I will say that this must have been one of the bumpisty trips I have made yet. Is bumpisty a word? icon_rolleyes.gif I think one time we hit a pig in the road.biggrin.gif

Wayside...I work in Angola Africa.

Richtee...Where I am there are no critters to hunt and anyway I could not afford to get the meat home.
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Dang...well..glad yer safe and sound!
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