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Howdy - newbie here, but been cookin for a bit, about 3 years on the serious side - just use a modified $50 bullet from home depot. I have a larger unit that I keep at my father-n-laws, but it is more for grillin than smokin. We have just moved to Northern Utah to help care for my father-n-law, moved out here from Tennessee. Am retired Army, 26 years, have a son who just made the SSG list currently doing his second tour in Iraq. Cancer survivor - had colon cancer, after major surgery and 6 months of chemo, been "in remission" a year come this December. I hear winters here are pretty brutal - does that mean that bullet style smoking is a "no go" for the winter months? I was thinking about setting it inside a large metal trash can or something as a windbreak - dunno open to all suggestions!I stumbled across this site looking for rib rubs - am totally stoked to be here!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thank you and your son for your service....Congrats on the remission, more good juju coming your way from here...I can't wait to see your q-vue, make sure you sign up for Jeffs smoking e-course and his newsletter....
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what BBQG said. welcome and share some smokes with qview. ingenuity will lead you to how to overcome the cold.
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Welcome to the SMF. Yes, the winter can be tough on a smoker. Thank you and your son for defending our nation, and may you stay in remission. I don't think you'll be able to use that bullet smoker, unless you can really insulate it, and not just from the wind. Dutch may be able to help you with preparing for winter smokes. You mentioned Northern Utah, are you close to the Idaho Border?
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Welcome to the forum. You may have to build a windbreak for your smoker, but you can smoke all winter.
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Welcome, Happy Birthday, and thank you both for your service! And I use my WSM all winter. I use a natural fiber rug to wrap it. However, while a trash can may be a BIT small as far as letting enough air flow around your smoker...maybe a 55 gal. drum, perhaps with a door cut in it for access and open the bung for smoke exhaust would work.
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Welcome to the SMF.
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