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How much ????

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I need some help on trying to figure out how much smoked meat I need per person??????
Bone in Boston Butt is my choice.
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someone will be along to help..........but MODS........we need a sticky on this subject..........
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Here's my "ish".

Butts: I seem to remember reading a post that said you get about 50-60% finished product from the starting weight of the roast and then figure that each person is going to want about a half pound of meat since it'll be so good. And the chicks who only have one sammie will be leaving thirds for someone else or some take home for the lucky ones. That's the "ish" of it how I see it.

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I would go with about 6-8 oz per person, but i dont know what kind of side dishes that you are going to have and how much. that also depends on what type of eaters you are going to be serving. With a butt, leftovers are always acceptable and good re heated the next day or frozen for a few weeks cool.gif
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what smokin said.........the amount of sides and variety will also be a factor..........
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For butts and briskets
I figger weight 40% lose in smokeing process
and i figger poundage needed at 1/3# per person (man,woman or child)
so if you start will 100# uncooked meat, you will get aprox 60# of meat, that give you 180 sammies. this is what i use and come out fine.

If there is beer/party/dance, you may up the poundage needed, people will come back for more as the nite progress's
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I average 40% loss on a smoke but figure 50% ta be safe. I served 1/4 pound sammies recently at a big bash, was more then enough meat on an average bun. I figured two sammies per person, plus 10%. Had plenty of pork ta go round, took bunch home, but better safe then sorry I figure, folks who be hungry an have no food can become dangerous!
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Thanks for all the info, great help !!!!!!!
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Ya want something like this???
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If a lot is good,and more is better....then too much should be just about rite>????<
just a lildrag racing wisdom
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I like the way u thinkPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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