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Running Qview, Mostly Pork

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Good time to plug WD's recommendation for a "Combo" forum.

Got me 3 butts and 2 beef chucks. Butts were the usual awesome price from he base commissary, the chucks, not too bad. Pulling all the butts, selling 2 of them ($$$!!!), keeping one for me (the bigger one I think?). First try at smoking a beef chunk to pull, gonna treat it like a pork butt.

Here's the victims.

Got the fire going, meat on in half an hour, stay tuned!
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That's some low priced meat, it's 1.79 a LB here in VA for boston butt.
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yes that is a great price! I thought I was getting a deal at $1.89....
looking forward to the ride Seboke!!
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Yep, $.92 is the best I've seen. The great sales the groceries have here only get to $.99. The commissary price is their every day price.
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Ready to roll...

Happy Meat!

TBS Baby!

Got the meat on at 12:30. Using oak splits with hickory chunks, looking for 250* Gonna start spritzing after 2 hours. Taking everything to 160, then to foil and 200*. Cooler rest then pulling.

And now its rainingicon_frown.gif

More to come
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Thats looking great!
Just a little advise, the Chuckie's usually take a little higher temp, start probing around 200 but don't take them off until that probe slides in like butter, may be as high as 210!
Good luck and keep the pics comin! cool.gif
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Thanks for the tip Bubba, that's what I'll do. Got a Fay fragment moving over me right now, good steady rain. Smoker temp dropped from a steady 255 to 180. Stoked the fire, added another log, and cranked open the air....
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Looking great so far Seboke..what time is dinner I'm only 4 hrs away?
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Looking good!!! Gonna be a late night tonight, huh?
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looking good keep up the good work
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Try Costco Catman. I hit the one in Potomac Mills, also you can get Bloom or Shoppers when they have a sale. I have one resting in the cooler now that I got from Shoppers last night for $1.49 a pound
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seboke, that really looks good! you got that lang dialed in don't ya.

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that looks great! It looks like you score your butts in a diamond pattern? Is that for smoke penetration or just looks? Does anybody else do this?

Can't wait to see more pics!
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It will be tomorrow's dinner... gives ya more time to get here!

Luck's on my side if I get to bed before midnight!

Workin on it!PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

Got that idea from Capt Dan, but that's the way I see it - mostly for flavor penetration, though it does look cool!
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Here we are at the three hour mark after spritzing.

Pork spritz is 3:1 apple juice & Capt. Morgan. Beef is bourbon-based with some brown sugar and worc. sauce.

Rain stopped, sun is shining, temps are back where they need to be.

to be continued...
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4 hours and 2 spritzes later...

Chucks are at 149 & 152. Highest butt temp is 139.
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dang ken that lookin good, like those scored butts. sure everything gonna be to perfection as always. nice qview!!!points if i had em. i cant live off this 2 a day. now if we could bank throughout the week.......
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Ken everything looks a yummy!!
what a great smoke Fay and all!
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6 Hour Status

6 hours in, the beef is ready to foil (165 & 162). Taking it to 210.

Butts are coming along fine, 153, 157, 158 in 6 hours! Its always great to have no plateau on a butt, but I think I skipped all three! We'll see soon...
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Butts at 164, 162, 161, ready for the foil

Chucks are at 185 & 179, taking them to 210
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