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HOLY SMOKES!!!! Thats a great idea. For this you will achieve greatness.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Took the apples off the dehydrator and tossed them into the GOSM to dry out. Threw a little smoke to them ... we'll see if it hinders the taste or not.
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Got the CS Ribs on the smoker now....picts later.
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Did you eat yet????
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yea ... but the ribs stayed on the smoker to long. Tough bark. Great flavor past the bark. Not worth the pics. I will be using the rub again.
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Gonna try this again. Bought "Apple Powder from Nature's Flavor. Price wasn't bad, shipping was double the price of the powder. But I have a pound of powdwer.
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Used a store bought rub because I was out of ingredients for the apple rub and the first thing my wife said when she tasted the pulled pork this isn't as good as you normally do!
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