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lets make this a sticky!!!!

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If you think this should be a sticky let us know maybe someone will listen......
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I think is should, really helped me when i tried my first fattie :)

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Bumpy for a Sticky, I'm a first timer to fatties ansd used Capt Dans technic, and it worked great.
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heck i though it was a sticky if not i agree to make it one who do we need to ask tex. or richtee should be able to help
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In the pork forum there is a basic pulled pork sticky, in the beef forum there is a basic brisket sticky-I can't see a reason why in the fattie forum there wouldn't be a basic fattie technique. It should be a sticky imho.
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Sorry, but neither I or Texas Hunter have any more pull in this. But it IS a great tutorial! Perhaps PM Dutch and or Monty to be sure they have noticed it :{)
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The deed is done!

I moved that thread to Sticky Status and added my own thanks to Capt. Dan!

Cheers, Everyone!
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Thank ye kindly Sir!
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