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First Jerkey Run

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Using Hi Mountain Jerkey Cure and Seasoning just wondering if it is 2 teaspoons of cure per lb of meat and how much seasoning.

Also doing some ground beef jerkey as will and wondering, do I mix the cure and seasoning in a big bowl and mash it around like u would meatballs then fridge it for 24 and then stuff it through the jerkey pistol or do I make the strips first and then do the cure n seasoning ?

Any instructions with temp and times would be great.


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Hey Div. When i do burger jerky, I just mix the cure and seasoning with the meat and mix it real good. I don't refridgerate it. Right into the gun. I use a dehydrator and I also use 93/7 meat (4-4/12 hrs). The 80/20 (7-8 hrs) works too but takes twice as long for me.
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I used some ground beef for beef sticks today. I mixed the cure and seasonings with the meat last night in a big bowl. Mixed by hand. It is my understanding that the cure needs time to work and that is why I let it sit overnight. I cant really help ya with time and temp as I stuffed mine in calogen casings. Good luck and I am sure the jerky will be great.
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Div , when using the Hi Mountain for ground meat jerky , it is 2 tsp of cure and 2 1/2 tsp spice mix per lb of ground meat , and yes refridgerate for at least 4 hrs or overnight as per their instructions , this gives the meat time to cure which makes it safe to dehydrate or smoke at low temps , if your doing whole muscle jerky , it's a little different at 2 tsp cure and only 1 1/2 tsp spice mix per lb of meat and allow to cure at least 24 hrs .

I only do whole muscle jerky and find the Hi Mountain products to be simply awesome , I sprinkle 1/2 of the combined cure and seasoning on each side of the meat and allow to cure in the fridge at least 24 hours , then smoke at an avg temp of approx 140 * for approx 6 - 7 hrs , it's great stuff and keeps without refrigeration ..... not that it lasts very long normally PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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I dont know what the muscle meat is but what I was wondering about the ground beef is do I just mash all the ingredients in a bowl slap it in the fridge over night and then push out my strips or push the strip out first, sprinkle it and the fridge it for 24

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Mix the spice and cure with the ground meat, fridge, then out the jerky shooter. I use the jerky "cannon" since I usually do at least 10 -15 pounds of meat at once. Also bought a meat mixer a couple of years ago. Sure helps getting the seasonings mixed in.
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Ideally, you want as little fat in the meat as possible. Fat will go rancid before the meat will spoil if it's cured. Follow all package directions, and like T-Bone said..meat MUST be cured before smoking. Let rest 24 hours in fridge. I only make whole meat jerky as well, but as I mentioned, I'd be wary of commercial burger, as it's made for frying...with a relativly too high fat content for jerky making.
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