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Go Badgers

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Hello from Milwaukee!

I am going to attempt my first “real†BBQ this Sunday. In the past, I have done ribs and chicken on my gas and kettle grills with moderate success, but now feel its time to up my game. Plus I want to BBQ briskets and butts.

Last week I found a great deal on a Weber Smokey Mountain and started doing some research. I came across the Smoking Meat Forum and I have been lurking around ever since. Boy, have I learned a lot. Thank you all! This site is great! I have also started Jeff’s 5-Day eCourse.

So here’s the plan… I wanted my first smoke to be a butt, but because of prior commitments I’m not going to have enough time this weekend. Instead I’m going to BBQ a few racks of baby backs on Sunday using the 2-2-1 method. I will be using lump charcoal with chunks of apple wood from a local orchard.

I can’t wait and will try to post a Q-view. After comes that hard decision for next week though. Brisket or butt?
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Welcome to the forum, glad to have you join in! Good luck on the ribs and take lots of pictures for us if ya get the chance. :)
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Welcome Malschy. Good luck with your ribs this weekend. Oh, and Go Hawkeyes.
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Welcome , glad ya joined use!!
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lets see how do you prepare a badger.
1.put on a bus. bus to gainesville fl.
3.let the gators have their way with em.
4.send back home cause they will be done.

see also.bulldog stew prep.
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You can tell its almost football season-this place might be a little crazy in a couple months. Welcome to the forum. Glad to have you here
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A Badger is just a Wolverine Wannabee!eek.gif

Welcome to SMF!cool.gif
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And yours, Kirk Ferentz, is a UCONN alum. GO HUSKY'S!!! Obviously my moniker, CAHUSKY, is a reference to a UCONN Husky living in California. Although in reality, im now a NVHUSKY.
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Welcome MB. Smoke a butt and a brisket. Pull or slice and see which is gone first. Then you'll know next time which to do. My moneys on the brisket.
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