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beercanchix w/qview

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My first beercan(cokecan)chix

let ya know how they come out
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Lookin great so far!!
Love your barn.cool.gif
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Excellent work so far...more pics.....more pics of the Barn too!!!
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nice job on the birds!I also like old buildings
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Nice yard birds!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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OK,company came and bird 1 flew the coop but got this one before they got it...

...brined em for 6 hours and did a simple brown sugar and cinnamon rub with apple cider in the can for 1 and a lemon pepper rub with lemon juice in the can for the 2nd one.used cherry for the smoking and wow!
For sure a fan of brining now!
Thanx for looking and in the future will do a few pix on the farm.It was a working dairy up until 4 years ago now just hay.
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You said that you brined the chix first.. what exactly did you brine them in? Was it just a salt water solution or what? I have nver used the brining method , was just curious..
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1 gal water,i cup of kosher salt,lemon juce,pepper,garlic for 6 hours....you wont be sorry
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PS on the left side Jeff has a good how to on brining cheers
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Ya makin me miss my birds. Couple years ago we had a nice flock oh hens and ond old BA roosetr. Moved into the fancy neighboorhood and had to find new famalies fer them, I sure do miss getting the eggs from the hen house each day, Lef me see I can get apic on here before I become toast. Little whiskey and ambeince and my fingers are not going where I want,, Here is one of out Rooster,
This be SPIKE.

The Ladies

Me with another female and I cant remember her name!!!
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Spike is KING of the roost lol good lookin bird!
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He was good lookin fer sure, but a PIA he coulde be, Not very people friendly like the ladies.
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That is a good recipe.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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hey motorhedd- i like that charcoal basket. kinda in the market for one, and we have the same smoker. u buy it somewhere or make it yerself?
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That my friend is a charbroil veggie basket that i got at lowes.I snipped the ends,added the stainless n/b/w and voila charcoal basket!Can,t take the credit tho....found it on the forums.The credit goes to Bishop916 the thread is here: http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...t=21614&page=2

Hope that helps ya!
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I have used a really similar brine on chicken parts with great success, how ever, I never brine my birds simply cause we have been real happy with beercan style results, but tomorrow, I am gonna do 4 beerbuttbirds with your brine!!!

Looks great:-)
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Thanx Steve,I was surprised at the results.Had been doing alot of reading on it and took the plunge!BTW did I mention I was jealous of yer pile of "mystery" wood LOL
Lemme know how yer chix come out!PS The lemon juice is 1 cup...fergot to mention that
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Thanks:-) If somebody just tells me what that wood is, I'd believe em--LOL

1 cup of LJ-got it!

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Looks great MH. I'm going to try brining the bird next time. Just a suggestion for you, next time plug the hole on top of the bird with a potato, onion, jalapeno or something to keep the steam inside the bird.
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