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Pellets in a GOSM?

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Has anyone used wood pellets in the smokebox of a GOSM? The store where I buy my wood chips and chunks from started carrying bags of pellets in several varieties of wood. I'm curious about the pellet's smoke compared to chips. Any experiences?
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Can't see why not. It's wood, right? Not speaking from experience, other than that wood will burn... heh.
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how much are the pellets. mine are@ $20.00 a bag. I have a treager and bag will do around 20 hour smoke. I dont know how much you would use. It may not be very economical.
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It just seems to me that the pellets would produce more smoke for a shorter period, since there would be so many in comparison to the same volume of chips or chunks. And since they are small it would seem they would smoke and go out fairly quickly.
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For their size they provide a large amount of smoke at first then they just burn. I would see if there was an open bag and take a handful home and try it.
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I had some leftover pellets from some Smoke Pistol bullets and so I emptied the pellets from the bullets and burned them in the GOSM big block. They worked ok, but they do burn quicker than chips, so I had to refill more often. Forget about soaking them like you might do with chips, they just turm to mush. This is my experience with pellets and a GOSM.
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