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First Slab

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Very excited about smoking my first slabs of bacon Sunday. Haven't found a good source price wise for a whole belly yet in my area but did find a couple of slabs of side pork at Hiller's in Ann Arbor a few weeks ago @ $3 per lb. Not a good price but I didn't have to do much to them.

I've had each piece curing since Monday with Tenderquick, garlic, onion and cbp. Been turning them over each day to keep the cure heading to the center of the meat.

Sunday they will go on the smoker but I'm not sure what the finishing internal temp should be. I've read anywhere from 130o to 160o. Any input?

Wifey will be gone all day and the weather is suppose to be pprefect so along with the bacon I'm going to do 2 slabs of spare for a friend, beef ribs for us, a chucker(game bird) for me, and some deviled eggs to go with the beer I'll be consuming all day. Poor me!eek.gif
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Sounds like you got yourself a good plan. As for the internal temp I would be no help to that as I have yet to try to make bacon yet but its on my list.
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I just did some buck board bacon. Slow smoked it to 140 internal. I would think about the same for yours. http://picasaweb.google.com/stimpy111/BuckBoardBacon
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I have only done a couple bellies, but I cool smoked the bacon for a total of 12 hours, and then took it to 160 for a finish. Maybe a bit high, but I felt better about it. I mean yeah, it's cured, but what the heck. Still tasted fine, and only a small bit of rendering occured.
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lcruzen , I do mine in cool smoke @ approx 80 - 100 * for as long as possible , bacon can never be too smokey , IMHO ... longest I have gone is 28 hrs .... very smokey stuff PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif ... I don't take it to a higher temp than that though as it will hit a high temp when fried .
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