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Canadian Bacon Part 2 W/ Qview Finish

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Part 1 is here.

I sliced and rinsed tonight after being dry cured in Mortons Tender Quick since Sunday. No need to soak, hardly and saltiness.

I dried in paper towels and poured on some syrup and Plum jelly.
Into the smoker at 130' for and hour to dry it a bit.

Started adding smoke after 30 minutes. Temps are starting at 44' internal.

100' degrees to go and it will be finished.

Thanks for watching.

More to come tonight.
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Lookin good so far Ron!
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Looks good, Ron. Guess I'll have to try making some CB myself.
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looks good Ron-we try and have canadian always on hand-heck belly too.
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Thanks, Jeanie.

You should, it'll be good I think.

Thanks, Bob.

Temps are at 143' now adding more smoke. Basted a few times with terriyaki. Coming along fine so far, I think a sammie is in order.

Thanks for watching.
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Looks good Ron I'll be looking forward to more Qview
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Awesome Ron!
I can't hardly wait for the finale!! I think you are going to take a gold with this one!!
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They are coming Jerry.

Thanks kelly.

Well, I just pulled it off at 151' and had a slice, aww man, it is heaven. lettiing it rest for a bit and a sammie coming up.

I don't know who awards the golds here but if I could I would award this a Gold hands down. I'll be doing this many, many times. In fact, I have another loin in the fridge.

This was one thing I have wanted to do for months and It finally happened.

All I can say is UNBEILVABLE, why did I wait so long?

Thanks for watching, everyone.

To be continued with more QVIEW.
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Well, were waiting......
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I'm Trying

It's coming Bubba.

First I couldn't get on here.

Now my mouse pointer is moving around on it's own.

Damn I hope I didn't pick up something.

Puter is up to date with virus and firewall, ETC.

I'll have to finish tonight.
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Not Sure What The Puter Problem Was

Seems to be ok now, weird though like someone was using the mouse.

Anyway, back to smokin'.

About 2 hours in, looking good.

I decided I wasn't getting the results I wanted, so I glazed with Toshidas Teriyaki marinade, nice and thick, ahh that's more like it. This is it after a few times. This is what I wanted.

Off at 151' juicy.

Sliced off some for a samie.

The finished thing. Toasted kaiser, honey mustard, and my Instant Vidalia onion cole slaw.

All I can say this is heaven. The sweetness of the syrup and plum, + the saltiness of the teriyaki blended very well. Next time I think I would blend those ingredients in a sauce pan and make a sauce on the thick side.

I heated a few slices for the wife tonight and she couldn't stop talking about it.

Anyway, thanks for watching, it is always fun sharing.

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hey ron man that looks great. is this what you were talkig about the other night with the plum jelly. i'm going to have to try this caint wait.or did you put the jelly on chicken... looks like i'll try that to. cool.gif
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Looks great Ron the wait was worth it PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Man o Man Ron that looks great. Care to share that vidalia onion slaw recipe, it sounds good.
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Looks like this is worth a try. Great job Ron icon_smile.gif.
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Nice Job!

Looks yummy!
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Yes we did talk about this and I did Chicken Thighs with it also the other day.

Thanks Jerry!

This is what I call my instant cole slaw. Simple and fast.

Thanks Dave.

Thanks Steve.

Thanks for watching everyone.
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nice looking finished product ron-good color-points
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Thanks Bob

Thats quite a compliment and honor, coming from the bacon king. I appreciate it and the points also.

I havent eatin a breakfast per say since I can't remember, but last night I couldn't resist.

Here is the plan. 3 pieces of C B on the bottom of skillet, 3 eggs on top, covered. Caraway sour bread toasted.


That was the best breakfast I have had in a long, long while.

Thanks everyone for watching.
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