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Temperature Control

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Since i completed my test smoke on my GOSM last weekend. i have a couple of thoughts about temperature control i need to run by y'all. i dont want to get into the debate over water pans and humidity. My thoughts relate more a long the lines of the water pan and how it functions in temp control process.

Using the water pan my temps were rock steady 220 over a 10 hour burn the only spikes occured when i tended the fire. I think this is a good thing. I could lower my temps by adjusting the draft closed however i could never exceed 220 even with the draft dampers wide open.

All my old navy training tells me this is normal. I would have to introduce mega BTU's to superheat the water. I dont think any form of charcoal is able to produce that raw heat.

The only alternative to increase heat would be to operate without water in the pan or using sand in the pan as a heat sink. This would shift temp control to my draft dampers. I think this would require more closely watching of damper settings to control temperature during a smoke.

If i have the above scenario correct my question is, is there ever any need to smoke at great temperatures than 220?
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I take it this is a charcoal GOSM?
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Not necessarily, i like to do poultry at 300* + but most meats do fine at 220.
Problem is, once the meat is on the smoker, can you still get that temp?
Water shouldn't interfere with the temp once its warmed up, it's more of a buffer so your not "grilling".
You should be able to get that unit up to 300 easy burning charcoal.
Top vent open all the time?
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top vent was wide open, along with the left and right side vents. the was very little breeze that day, thin blue smoke up the pine tree. Couldnt make my neighbors jealous, darn. i am also thinking my aftermarket water bowl may have been pinching or was to close to my charcoal and fire box?
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Eould need to see a pic of that.
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I will see if i have one. I was have too much fun playing to think of pics last weekend.
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