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newbie fatty

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Can someone direct me to a sticky of how to make a fatty? What ingredients and temp to cook etc...

Love to try.
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Those links be fatty gold. 165° and let yer imagination run wild!
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I would check out this thread from the fattie throwdown a while back, lots of different ideas.

Surgeons General warning: Fatties are highly addictive and repeated doses may be required to prevent withdrawal symptoms.
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A little confused!! Do I buy italian sausage and cut open and take out the meat and then roll? Does Jimmy Dean sausage come with sausage already in ready to roll form? Sorry for the confusion.
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How about using ground beef?

Thanks for the response?
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you can use any ground meat you want for a fatty. If you use something other than pork sausage you may want to add some sort of binder to it (bread crumbs) or some thing like that to help it hold together.
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