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Hellow From Texas

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I found this board about 2 months ago and figured it was time to introduce myself. I've been bbq'ing for about 7 years now and joined a competition team about 2 years ago with some family members. In July, I invested in a backyard smoker built by a local shop in San Antonio and haven't looked back. My brisket and chicken are coming along nice but my ribs have a lot of work to do. I've been getting a lot of great advice on the site so I'm hoping to change my rib fortune soon. I guess I jumped the gun and posted a help topic ( before I introduced myself. I look forward to getting a lot more tips, tricks and advice as well as sharing any knowledge I can along the way.
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Hey 3 J's no foul. Just lots of excitement here.
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Welcome to the forum 3! Sounds like ya may be able to teach as well as learn! Glad you've only been lurking for 2 months and decided to join. Looking forward to some QVIEW from ya!
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Welcome to the forum, glad to have ya here. smile.gif
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Welcome and enjoy!
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Welcome to SMF
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Some down south smokin huh? Welcome! =o)
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Welcome and don't forget the QVIEW.
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Welcome 3 j's
Lots of excitement, BUTTS and FOWL PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif
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welcome 3 j what kinda rig ya got? glad to have ya aboard.
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Welcome and enjoy, tons of great info on here and if yer not smokin', you just stop readin' and run out and light up a lump! From FW.
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Welcome to SMF..glad you found us.
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