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brisket q-view

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Here is my sec. chance at a brisket. I got a 4 lb brisket " I was going to do a whole one but lol they all sold out before I could get one. Some meat manager I am lol" Anyway I got home and guess what no $%&# mustard ! So I thought what the hell I will use some evo, I put a good coat on both side's then used some RILEY'S put a heavy dusting on both sides. Stuck in the frig. over night
I got it in the smoker around 7 a.m. then all most 11 I put it in foil with a a few big splashes of some WORCESTERSHIRE steak sauce, Then around 2 I pulled it and left it in the foil but stuck it in a big bowl and put a heavy towel over it. Well I had to run down to the store I work at for a meeting, it lasted longer than I thought. By the time I cut into it to slice it there was a lot of juice, got it sliced and then poured the juice back over it. Had the brisket and homemade tater's gravy and some buttery biskets.....I am so stuffed I need a nap ! icon_rolleyes.gif The wife and daughter loved it !
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Meat man, that looks great... Very tasty!
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Looks great sounds like it came out good PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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gotta love brisket-nice job meat.
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Those leftovers will be even tastier with that sauce you had it in. Props on your 2nd brisket smoke. Time to graduate to the SEAR ... icon_evil.gif
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Nice.... Looks and sounds great MM.
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