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Turkey Cook Time???

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hey Guys I Have A 18 Lb. Bird My Son Shot And We Are Forced To Smoke Because Kids Left Frezzer Door Open. I Realize I'm Going For 175-180 Int. Temp. At 225 Does Anyone Now In Hours How Long This Might Take? Its Been 1 1/2 So Far. We Are Deep Fryers When It Comes To Turkeys. Smoking Whole Bird Is New. Thanks Guys.
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WR with a bird that big kick the smoker temp up and get it out of the danger zone faster. They recommend no bigger then a 12 lb bird for low n slow
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Crap, it put it in the ECC temps don't get much over 225. Well, if you don't see a post from me after tomorrow i'm may be dead from turkeyidus.
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I'd agree with Piney- you got a hotter smoker? You are gonna want at least 275°- 300°!
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Maybe an option- Oven it till it's 160° or so THEN hit the warm smoker to finish??
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Wayside you might try a small pan with some charcoal to get the temp up.
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Thanks big time Richtee and Piney and IB smoking. I get crazy over wild game meats. Its hard to replace that turkey your kid called in. Hard to explain to the kid that the old man that knows all ruined his bird. I'll put blame on little sister for leaving freezer door open. Ice pops are tastier than than "Wild RioGrande Turkey" that came off the Wayside Ranch. Thanks to all. Bird on its way to recovery.
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