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Lump Charcoal deal of the century!

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I just had to tell somebody that I knew would appreciate the story. That is why I am telling it here in smoking heaven. I ran out of lump charcoal this week and went to Costco to get more. I tried Costco's lump and it was far superior to Cowboy. It burns hotter and keeps my temps up in my ECB with no mods. I got 2-10lb bags bundled together for 7.99 and have been buying it all summer. Costco had moved it and I had to look for it. Apparently, BBQ'n season must be ending cause Costco has the lump charcoal marked down. Yesterday I got 4 bundles (80 libs). It was 3.97 for 20 lbs. I thought about what a great deal it was for the lump and decided to go back and get more today. Glad I did cause it was almost gone. I started putting bundles in the cart and stopped at five. The wife says, go ahead- you might as well make it an even ten. I ended up with 200 lbs of high quality lump for $40. If anybody has a Costco near them, you should go first thing in the morning and look for this deal. Hope this deal is not just in Indiana.
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thanks for the post!!
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Where is one of those store in indy? ill be over there on monday for work, and would be willing to give it a try for that price. if nothing else it would be a good sub this winter if i cant find Royal Oak.
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The one I got mine at was in Castleton. I know there is another Costco off of 465 and Michigan on the NW side. The store in Castleton only had maybe 15 bundles left after I got done. Dont know how much might be left by monday.
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Nice score!! I wish costco carried lump out here. I did stock up on RO lump the other day though. 150lbs sitting in the shop. Don't wanna run out over the winter biggrin.gif

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All they had at Sam's today was Kingsford briquettes....

I did finally find Royal Oak Lump at Wally this week though!
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Nice score!!! Like others I wish there was more Lump coal in my area..
Went to WW last weekend to get some Royal oak... they were already sold out for the season.. Man was I POed.. Even Cowboy was sold out at Stop and Shop tonight.. Looks like a Long winter with Mr. Kingsford..
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