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The light at the end of the tunnel

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Well folks,
Once again I'd like to thank everyone for the well wishes and prayer support, it has really meant a lot at this rime.
I've had 21 daily treatments at 2 hrs. each, and they say I have 4 more to go. By next Friday the doc should release me. It's been really hard trying to stay off my feet, but I had to give it my best shot.
Have a great weekend, I should be up and running (?) next week!
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Still sending thoughts and prayers your way rich...
Thank you for the update, we miss ya!!
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Good to hear Rich, thanks for the update. Beast wishes !!!
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Hey Rich
Glad to see you are at the end of the "chamber road" and that you are almost back to your ole' self!
Say hey to Gloria!
Happy smokes soon biggrin.gif
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hee haw-glad to hear-power of the people.and u.
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Great news Rich, and thanks so much for the update. We were all wonderin about ya!
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Rich - way to stay strong and come through all this. Hang in there and obey the doctor's orders!! Well wishes are floating in from FL.
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Thanks for the updates. I know the drill, I have been dealing wth a skin problem for 3 years now. Still no relief.

Good luck!
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Fingers crossed and prayers STILL with you Bud.
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Runnin' right to the meat shop for a nice celebratory hunk of protein I hope!

Great news!
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Atta boy rich! Just do what ya supposed ta so's ya can get back ta enjoyin life buddy!
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I'm sure your smoker is missing you. Keeep it up. We're pulling for you.
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Great news!! Hope you're back to smokin shortly!
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Glad to hear things are going okay , best wishes for you Rich .
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Glad to hear that it is going well keep up the good fight and we'll keep up the prayers. Keep us posted and do what the doctor says
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