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12 pounds of Jerky, q-views!!

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Did 12 pounds of Jerky today, topround. I want to put in a plug for Curious Aardvark with his thread for something like jerky, but totally a new concept, here is his thread,, Richtee must weigh in on it--probably already has:-)

Anyways, here is todays work, I have the smoker off right now to let the meat cool slowly, and I will gather it up after this typing. I marinated yesterday, then cleaned the Lang 60 racks, stacked them up while the smoker was chugging away, then loaded up all the racks w/ beef, smoked the jerky w/CHERRY for almost 3 hours at 160ish, then to propane for another 3 hours at 180ish, and cooling now:-)

Here is the pics.......Couldn't help but include Sophie, she was crossing my yard today--think she smelled the beef??

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Yumm! Lookin' great Steve! that is one amazing smokin' machine eh? Sigh...
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yup looking great steve-sophie trek through rich's yard she would be in the freezer.
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Likes good, I am trying to get some deer meat to make jerky, done it once in dehydrator and waaay to dry and crispy, want to use my MES 40
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OH Boy, that looks great Steve!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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you make that look so easy....I am gonna have to get some of that mortons cure and give it a go...slowly but surely I am getting over the jerky phobia I have!!
Wish I had some smellovision going on..Tulsa Jeff you working on that? lol!
Sophie looks better crossing the road than in Rich's freezer....
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Definately looks great. Got to try making this one day.
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Steve, the jerky looks great. Mass production is what I need!! Can never make enuff of that stuff
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Dang Steve, you're pushing me over the edge to have to do some jerky! Lookin great bud! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Smokin', your jerky looks awesome. First you have your wife split a cord of wood and now your killing me with the jerky. Nice job. Boy i'm jealous.
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Now that's making a batch of jerky. Good job Steve.
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Not sure if you made enough
Looks great, feel free to fed X any leftovers my way.biggrin.gif
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Hi Ya'll,

Thanks for the "JERKY comments"--LOL

You fellow smoker's ever feel like after you cook it, you must save it for others, or is that my problem?

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Yeah... all the time. Till it cools off anyway ;{)
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