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When Brining

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When you guys/girls brine a whole bird (chicken,turkey,Duck) What do you put it in to brine it and where do you put it over night? Does everyone have an empty or a spare fridge?

I got a duck I'm goinig to brine tonight and I'm kinda wondering what I should do with it. I'm thinking 5 gal bucket but I don't have enough room in the fridge for that.
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A heavy duty Ziplock will work. Evacuate all the air ya can. Should be able to find room for that.
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I have a spare fridge, but if I didn't........and I didn't think of Rich's idea.......I would probably put in a bucket and add ice or a cooler and add ice and leave a temp probe in there to alarm if the temps come anywhere close to 40 degrees.
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You COULD do that FBJ..but add the ice in a baggie. Don't wanna dilute the brine. Might just as well brine in the bag, unless quantities prohibit.
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Yes biggrin.gif Good catch!
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Thanks for the replys I think a plastic bag will work I think I got ones big enough to fit the duck in it.
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Got me a spare fridge just fer smokin meats an beer! Got it fer free, put a $5 part in it, worked ever since! Otherwise, as others have said do it in a coller with several bags a ice floatin round with the duck. Good luck on the smoke!
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