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Help with this fatty thing

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Hey everyone,
new to this smoking thing (as everyone that reads my posts know) and I think I am ready to try this fatty thing. what are the basics? how long to you smoke them for? what kind of meat to you use. just ground beef? where do you get the recipes? can anybody please provide my with wome help on my first recipe? I am looking for something Tex Mex. we like spicy but not but not too spicy. we love cilantro! also, can I smoke a fatty with my pork butt this weekend? should I start them at the same time or put the fatty on half way thru?

Oh, by the way, the charcoal basket is finished so I will be able to use it in my smoker this weekend. (first time with a basket for the charcoal)

I will be sure to add Q-View this timeicon_smile.gif


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there is a whole section of these forums dedicated to fatties. Go in there and poke around.
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go here: and start reading. You'll find everything you need to know about how to get started and tons of recipes or ideas. Most are made with breakfast sausage, but you can make them with any ground meat that you have.

Yes, please do include the qview.
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Smoke @ 250. 3-4 hours or until internal is 165. breakfast sausage or other ground sausage works best. You can mix 1lb. of hamburger with a 1/3 pound sausage for a binder. If you use salsa, let it drain a bit so it wont leak out.The beauty of a fatty is you can put in whatever you want.
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Good tag panther fan,I could'nt find the link.
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Thanks for the help guys! Panther, thanks for the link. I think I will make one this weekend and throw it on the smoker at the end of the pork butt cook so everything will be done together
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Put the fatty on earlier so you have a snack during the long cook of the butt. Have fun and let us know how it turned out.
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So much in that fattie thread I can't remeber if this is in there, yall can make what they call a "Bratty" too, ya use bratwurst meat from patties instead a the breakfest sausage, a buddy named earache my eye came up with the idear, had em at the Iowa gatherin an they are really good.

Just don't be afraid ta try different thins, Ya do have ta watch the sausage though, some bein leaner then others tend ta split open, I roll mine bout 3/8 thick an keep the fillins back from the edges so ya can seal em up good. Keep the meat as cold as ya can, won't stick so easy that way. I roll on wax paper, then carry the little yummy out ta the smoker on it an simply roll it off onta the grate.

Good Luck! May the smoke gods smile upon yer cooker!
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