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Hello from IL

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Just go my new lang model 60 gen III and looking forward to see how it cooks
as soon as I figure out how to post pic I will post some of Ben's new Cookers.
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Welcome R4. Lots of folks here to help out with Q-view.
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Welcome R4!
Congrats on your new toy!
here is the thread on how to post pix

Happy smokes!
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Welcome to SMF and congrats on getting a great smoker. You'll find some good info and recipes here. I'll be looking forward to those pics. Have fun and happy smoking
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welcome to smf!!!! dang startin with a lang!!!! lol send us some qview!!!
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Welcome to smf! There are some great people on here that are willing to help out with just about anything that you would need and more. There is lots of good info to be found just by pointing and clicking. Weather you are a seasoned smoker or fresh outta the box, check out the free 5 day e course. We are looking forward to seein you around and and checkin out your q-views. Happy smokin!
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welcome a board lots of good info here
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Welcome R4, good unit lang ....good site and plenty of people that love smokeing to help and the Qview is great.
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Welcome to the SMF!!! Where in Il do you hail from? I used to live in the Waukegan area for 20 years before moving back south.
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Welcome to the forum R4!
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Hi! I am from Sterling (up northwest) and welcome.

Where you from?
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Welcome to the site R4! I'm sure you will like it here. Stick around and enjoy the......QVIEW!
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Welcome to SMF , and congrats on that new smoker , lookin forward to seeing a pic !!
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Welcome to the club( Lang club) and the SMF family too! Can't wait to see the generation 3!cool.gif
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Welcome to the SMF. I assume you have a clue since you already have a Lang.
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Pic of new smoker

I call home in Mt. Vernon IL and have been smoking for about 3 years on an home made oil drum smoker that is on its last leg. I have had my eye on a lang for a while and made the leap. here is the pic of the new gen III.






I seasoned it Sunday night and plan on cooking this week end.
hope i got this right

R4gmj (mike)
lang model 60 gen III
Mt. Vernon, IL
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Welcome to SMF R4....Very nice looking rig!!!
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Welcome R4. Lots of good people here who will help out
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Welcome to SMF, happy to have you here. I pass through Mt. Vernon regularly. I'll keep a nose out for you.
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Mike, Nice rig! I went to high school in Norris City not to far away. Nice to see a southern IL smoker on the board.
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