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Checking In - Tucker, GA

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I've been gathering advice from SMF for a few months now and thought it would be a good idea to say HI.
I picked up a Char Grill American recently to try out smoking. I got the cheap one to see if I was any good at it. (probably not the smartest move - but better than not trying at all)
Everyone's advice on mods, woods, rubs, etc. have helped so much - I can't thank everyone enough. I am a complete newbie at this, but finding the right advice to follow has helped ALOT.

I love the smoker and can't wait to outgrow it. It's funny how the neighbors start stopping by when the faint air of smoke fills the streets.

My wife and daughter both call themselves vegetarians when the moon is right, but don't get between them and the meat when the smoker's runnin.

I'll get the camera ready next time I'm "workin" in the yard for a Q-view.
Thanks again
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Hello "neighbor". I'm in south GA. I am just getting started too and it is a blast. Like you, I have picked up a lot of tips already on here and the few smokes I have done are good as is. Hopefully with some experience they will be great! Have fun with it.
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Man..that is music to my eyes! :{) Well done! Welcome to SMF... and it sounds like you have a great start!

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Welcome to the SMF Mr. Javashack!
It's really good to have you aboard. I spent a lot of years in Covington and still sort of call it home .... probably go back there some day. Anyway, again welcome and we hope to hear from you often.
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Welcome! great place to learn and enjoy.
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Welcome Java. Glad you quit spying on us and decided to join us! Its amazing how the smoker becomes part of the yard "work"!
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welcome..great site great people.Oh yea we love some told me no qvew it didnt
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Welcome to SMF have fun and happy smoking
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Welcome to SMF. It's fun making the neighbors drool.
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Welcome Javashack, glad you decided to join in! :)
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Welcome javashack.
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