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Go for it!!!

I have a small GOSM, 3-1/2 years running. Only 2 problems I've had: the temp gauge reads 25 degrees big deal once I found this out. Then, the gas regulator diaphram blew it's lunch this past winter...found one to replace it a @ local hardware store for about 12 bucks and 5 minutes later I was smokin' again!!!

Funny thing is: I've got 13-1/2 lbs of ribs and 2 whole chickens in the cooler soaking to thaw for a Q in the AM. Gotta love it.

Do it man!!! Do it!!!

Great little smoke box.

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Or a Camp Chef?

Okay, so I know that the bass pro shops near me has the 24" GOSM, but I am debating between this and trying to find a Camp Chef 24" Smoke Vault. What do you all think? I am worried about buying a product from a manufacture that does not even have a website.

From everything I have read it sounds like Camp Chef stands behind there product, how about the GOSM?
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I sweated that a little bit this spring when I was looking at the propane options as well. But after reading all the info on the site regarding the GOSM and looking at other oprions and scowering the WEB for other opinions and information I was left with a sense that the GOSM was just about as bullet proof a propane smoker as you could get for the money. Am I sorry the company is out of business? You bet I am, but it's not because I fear something might go wrong with the unit and I'll be stuck with a big black yard ornament, quiet the contrary. I've only got a few month on the unit but it's been run pretty hard in those few months. Any manufactures defects would have shown up by this point so I'm not too concerned with not having a company to return it to.

Anything that might fail at this point I should be able to get from a well stocked hardware store or propane supply house. I've got no experience with the Camp Chef, might be a great unit and great customer service. But the only regret I've heard from a GOSM owners has been that they didn't by one bigger!

I'm the proud owner of a Big Block so I've got no regrets.
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I love the unit I got, I'd buy a big block ifin momma wouldn't bean me with a skillet. The unit has run flawless for many month's, been used nigh on ta every weekend an did a party fer 200 folks outa it. I beleive the company will be bought up by someone an the rigs back inta full production sometime in the near future.

Like I said, I'd buy another, but I like my head shaped the way it is, not lookin like Herman Munster!
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Yeah. I bought it. I love it. Not much else to say, but WOW!!!!!!!
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Another testament

I got to see the GOSM that Pineywoods has, in action, today. I've got a charcoal ecb and lemmie tell ya, I'm now going to look for a GOSM. The ease of using propane to maintain those temps, and the way it cooked the chicken was T-A-S-T-Y and very easy as well!!!
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Ive got the 24'' smoke vault and love love either on you get i think tey are very simmular.
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You are gonna love that GOSM. I have an electric (Smokin Tex) and bought a GOSM wide Body this spring. Gotta admit the electric gets used very little now most of the times i only use it for wicked beans.
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It was 99.96! I'm so freakin' thrilled with this smoker. I'm madly in love with it
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Thanks. That was the same price here by me, but someone here on the forum in either GA or CA said their local store had the on clearance for $25! PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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Heck - if I could find another one for 25 bucks I'd snap that up faster than I can blink! Geeze. Everytime we use the GOSM I love it more.
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I should find that post, print it out, and try using it for leverage in my local store! I just ordered a Masterbuilt SS Electric but it's on backorder until the 10th.

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Just to let ya'll know, I just purchased a GOSM Wide Body at my local Walmart for $75. I stopped in a Walmart in another town today and they were selling the 16" for $99. I feel like I got a pretty good deal. I have read that most everyone has changed out the water pan and wood chip pan. I would like to know what everyone is using. Also what do you use, wood chips or chunks?
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Converted my Charcoal GOSM, which is much sturdier than the Propane GOSM, to propane using a single burner plate I bought from Northern Tool. Works reall well. I use a coffee can now for the wood chunks.

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