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Another drum is born

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Burnt out , cleaned out , and for no good reason at all lit a applewood fire in it to pre-season a bit.

Assembled my ash pan onto the threaded rods ( stainless )

Added the basket

Attatched the grill

sawed rods off then added hinge and chain

added a trowel for front handle

Almost there !

thats a wrap !

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Sweet build............Looks like it would be at home on any construction site cooking away for the crew.................Cool ideas.............
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Big props at you!
First I am jealous, I can't seem to get my hands on a big drum...then you have all the tools...
was curious about the dewalt and the stuffed animal..but perhaps that is another thread??
I think it is beautiful...
Maybe you could attach a bottle opener to the side somewhere...I am just saying.....

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Lol !! the drill is mine but the stuffed animal would be the dogs. Likes THAT one alot , if ya know what I mean.eek.gif
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actually i do! lol!!
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Looks good. Your getting creative there.
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Looks good Gorilla!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Very nice! Love the trowel handle - ingenious!

I agree with BBQG - a bottle opener would complete the package... and I'm saving that idea for when I build my drum ;) Can never have enough bottle openers... cool.gif
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Yes , a bottle opener would work . Coarse Bubba has already done it !! Figured the mini - cuttingboard shelf would be good fot holding a towel as well as my thermometer. Wanna put a couple hooks for tongs e.t.c.
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Nice build on the drum. Question for you and everybody else that has built a drum, ever thought of adding a water pan? I ask because I have a drum that I will get around to bulding eventually.
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Thats one of the drums best features . The grill is 24 inches from the lower grate , and the vent control is so precise you just dont need a water pan. The juices from the meat drip down into the fire and vaporize causing moisture and awsome smells !!
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Looks real nice! Has anybody tried one using a propane burner? Like from a turkey fryer?
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is the chain galvanized? love the some many ways to build a uds and so little time to do all of them. nice job "G"PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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not sure about the chain. I had a couple washers that were and I had thrown them in the drum during the burn out along with the chain. chain cleaned up like new so not sure if it outgased or not. if not then I doubt it will at the distance its at under smokin temps.
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Nice job, nice explanation on the fact you don't need a water pan. I have never seen a drum and would like to try a cook on one. They seem really cool.

Can't wait for the q-views!!!!!!!!!!

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Great job man...loved the trowel ...just over the top man. barrell,here barrell... want one.
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great looking drum. i am in a quest to find a drum and will take my remaining vacation days to build it whenever i get one.thanks all for giving me the bottle opener idea.
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